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Wing Chun vs Jeet Kune Do Techniques

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Wing Chun vs JKD, what’s the difference? View more from concerning Bruce Lee vs Ip Man right here ➜

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Exactly how can you tell which is better from Wing Chun vs Jeet Kune Do?

Wing Chun vs JKD are two various martial arts. JKD was named for the Wing Chun idea of interception or striking while one’s challenger will attack.

Right here’s the 2 Different Strategies of Wing Chun vs Jeet Kune Do by Sifu David that will certainly show you how to use them properly and also effectively.

Discover here which one is much better for you, Strategies of Jeet Kune Do or Different Strategies of Wing Chun.

David Wong is one of the globe’s uncommon influencers who has taken the personal journey of makeover of his spirit, mind and body.

He came down with a chronic disease for which traditional medication had no cure – with the only answer being to take medication for the remainder of his life … which regrettably had unwanted negative effects.

He contradicted that as the only service as well as chose alternative approaches to heal his illness. After trying virtually every technique he could, some worked to an extent, some didn’t work at all, but none of them worked so well that he was able to claim that he was completely treated. That was until he finally found a little well-known device created by a below ground developer.

After much experimentation, he integrated this new technology with taoist qi gong technique (converted essentially as “power work” from Chinese) with electromagnetic frequency innovation as well as ultimately healed himself from the condition that he endured from for numerous years.

Today, in order to help others attain their greatest capacity, he is the programmer of the Life Force Harmonizer ™, a personal transformational device based upon NASA-proven technology that incorporates multi-disciplinary scientific researches with each other into one human performance enhancement system.

His Life Force Harmonizer ™ system is ground breaking as it mixes the old taoist principles with scientific study on body-electrics, hereditary programming and also technology assisted brainwave improvement.

He constantly works with scientists, spiritual leaders, health and wellness specialists and martial arts masters and has discovered that “life pressure” is the crucial to health and wellness for your body and mind, a balanced lifestyle, happiness and also your capacity to manifest your ideas right into fact and also attract success.

Having practiced meditation given that 10 years old, he comes from a family with a deep fighting styles heritage and also has the capability to control electro-magnetic energy through his qi gong training. In extra to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee trainee as well as also 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has actually studied with numerous fighting styles masters from all over the world.

It is his enthusiasm as well as life objective to consistently stretch his limitations to acquire super-human health, wisdom and success while mentoring students at the same time who are looking to alter their own lives.

To start your very own journey, download and install David Wong’s totally free digital book.

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