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Why Aikido is Disliked by BJJ and MMA Practitioners? • Martial Arts Journey

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Aikido commonly has a mixed or perhaps adverse credibility, particularly in between specialists of MMA and BJJ. It took me years to realize why this is really the situation. If you need to know just what is the actual reason why Aikido is disliked by BJJ, MMA as well as other battle sporting activities practitioners, check the video.

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Aikido commonly has a mixed or also unfavorable track record, specifically in between specialists of MMA as well as BJJ. Having actually exercised Aikido for even more than a decade, as well as for years being a loyal student, in the start I utilized to misconstrue the reason for this negative thoughts and also hatred. Only years after, I understood why this is truly happening, which significantly altered my method and understanding of Aikido and it’s scenario.

Hi, my name is Rokas, and also in this Martial Arts Journey video clip we’ll have a look at one of the reasons behind the adverse online reputation of Aikido in between modern-day combat sporting activities professionals.

As we exercise martial arts as well as combat sporting activities, we all have our phases. If lucky, we then gradually move to an aware bias, of understanding why we prefer our technique, rather of others, as well as ultimately the following step of maturation is being able to identify the problems and reality behind our method, and also appreciating it for what it is, while respecting various other arts.

In my first stage of exercising Aikido, I was informed by my teacher that it is the purest martial art of them all, mostly due to it’s advanced and calm viewpoint. While other fighting styles were accepted in my first Dojo, there was a somewhat negative view on battle sporting activities, as if they were indicated for much less “sophisticated” people, or to put it merely “meatheads” of martial arts. Looking up extremely to my instructor, as well as having no experience in combat sports, I believed that to be real, and while I never ever placed way too much focus to this thought, component of me was happy to be “above” the “dirty and also unsophisticated” methods and people. Understanding that I am “approximately something much better” compared to they are.

As I carried on to the next Dojo – a similar sort of mentality in concerns to fight sports was really felt, although not talked as openly. Yet cross training in battle sports was not suggested what so ever, since “it would certainly destroy the understanding of the pure Aikido philosophy.”, hence I kept preventing any type of combat sporting activities methods, remaining to think that Aikido is the best, that it is all that is needed and if I would practice other, much more combat oriented practices – my technique would certainly experience due to it.

Just when I was already running my Dojo and I fulfilled a BJJ practitioner that persuaded me to attempt rolling with him, as well as ultimately to train with each other, after several talks I started to see exactly how huge and also impressive the combat sporting activities world is. When considering then, why Aikido was done not like by combat sports practitioners, I assumed – possibly it’s since Aikido is not really as functional in the realm of combating as their methods.

Exhausted of some Aikido people believing that “Aikido is too lethal for MMA”, or that “Aikido people do not go to MMA not since it would not function, but because it’s philosophy of “not dealing with” stops them from it”, I went to verify that Aikido actually doesn’t work, by recording the “Aikido vs MMA” video clip. I was all set to obtain a black eye and lose some teeth, expecting the MMA person to be this fierce, conceited, passionless and also rude person, as I was told regarding “people like him”, that would certainly beat the heck out of me provided the chance to verify that Aikido does not work.

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