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The Most Epic Bruce Lee Fight Scenes Ever

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Whenever Bruce Lee stepped onto the display, he moved at outrageous speeds, took out myriads of crooks with his ravaging punching power, as well as inspired target market participants to register for fighting styles courses in droves. Let’s have a look at his most impressive fight scenes.

In The Big Boss, Bruce Lee– in his first leading duty– plays a boy who’s attempting to prevent fistfights after guaranteeing his mama he would not enter anymore difficulty. Things are kind of rough at job. Our hero invests his days sweating at an ice factory, and also he quickly uncovers his manager is secretly a pusher with a poor practice of eliminating individuals … consisting of members of Lee’s household.

After his relatives go strangely “missing,” Lee checks out the ice manufacturing facility as well as finds his family members all chopped up and also iced up. Yet before he can call the cops, a military of henchmen appears, armed with whatever from chains and also blades to tongs as well as ice choppers. Thankfully for customers, Lee isn’t afraid to obtain creative: He blinds his enemies with sawdust, cracks a guy’s head with a flashlight, as well as slashes at his enemies with a handsaw.

When Lee gets his own blade, we’re treated to geysers of blood spouting across the display. The finest minute comes when Lee punches a dude with a wood shed, leaving a Looney Tunes-style hole in the wall surface, full with outstretched arms.

When Lee appears at the poor guy’s compound at the end of The Big Boss, he’s so confident in his capacities that he’s snacking on chips while fighting the dope dealer’s jerks. As well as when he reaches the titular large employer, Lee picks him up over his head as well as chucks him across the lawn. When the bad individual pulls out some blades, Lee uses his very own shirt to maintain the medicine supplier at bay. Both dudes are jumping around Crouching Tiger-style, and at one factor in the battle, Lee takes the large manager to the ground, covers his legs around the bad individual’s legs, and begins rolling across the lawn like a crocodile. Keep seeing the video clip to see the most epic Bruce Lee battle scenes ever before!


The ice factory fight|0:00
The Big Boss showdown|1:30
The dojo fight|2:24
Bruce Lee satisfies the strongman|3:26
Nunchucks versus katana|4:35
Back street brawls|5:31
Fight of the titans|6:34
Bruce Lee hits back|7:34
The labyrinth of mirrors|8:38
Jeet kune escrima versus do|9:25
David and also Goliath|10:42

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