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The Most Epic Bruce Lee Fight Scenes Ever

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Whenever Bruce Lee tipped onto the display, he relocated at ludicrous rates, obtained legions of crooks with his ruining punching power, and inspired target market members to enroll in fighting styles courses in droves. Allow’s have a look at his most legendary battle scenes.

In The Big Boss, Bruce Lee– in his first leading function– plays a young man who’s attempting to avoid fistfights after guaranteeing his mama he wouldn’t enter into any type of more trouble. Regrettably, things are type of harsh at the workplace. Our hero spends his days sweating at an ice manufacturing facility, and he quickly discovers his employer is privately a dope dealer with a negative practice of eliminating people … including members of Lee’s household.

After his cousins go strangely “missing out on,” Lee explores the ice manufacturing facility and locates his family members all sliced up and also iced up. Prior to he can call the police officers, a military of henchmen shows up, armed with whatever from chains and blades to tongs and also ice choppers. Fortunately for audiences, Lee isn’t terrified to obtain inventive: He blinds his adversaries with sawdust, cracks a guy’s head with a flashlight, and slashes at his enemies with a handsaw.

Certain, Lee is majorly outnumbered, but it does not seem to matter. He dodges knives and jumps over ruffians like he’s Superman jumping high structures. When Lee obtains his own blade, we’re dealt with to geysers of blood spurting across the display. Yet the finest minute comes when Lee punches a guy via a wood shed, leaving a Looney Tunes-style opening in the wall, complete with outstretched arms.

When Lee turns up at the poor individual’s compound at the end of The Big Boss, he’s so positive in his capabilities that he’s snacking on chips while fighting the dope dealer’s tough guys. And when he reaches the titular large manager, Lee chooses him up over his head as well as chucks him throughout the yard. When the crook takes out some blades, Lee utilizes his own shirt to maintain the dope dealer at bay. Both dudes are jumping around Crouching Tiger-style, and also at one point in the fight, Lee takes the big employer to the ground, wraps his legs around the poor guy’s legs, as well as starts rolling throughout the turf like a crocodile. Maintain seeing the video clip to see one of the most impressive Bruce Lee battle scenes ever!


The ice manufacturing facility fight|0:00
The Big Boss showdown|1:30
The dojo fight|2:24
Bruce Lee meets the strongman|3:26
Nunchucks versus katana|4:35
Street brawls|5:31
Battle of the titans|6:34
Bruce Lee counters|7:34
The puzzle of mirrors|8:38
Jeet kune do versus escrima|9:25
David and Goliath|10:42

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