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The Martial Camp 2020 Book Now! – Internal Martial Arts Training Camp in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Restricted rooms readily available, Book currently!

I’m happy to introduce the teachers that are confirmed and will be teaching at THE MARTIAL CAMP 2020.
1. Nima King – Mindful Wing Chun
2. Huai Hsiang Wang – Prana Dynamics
3. Adam Mizner – Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts – International
4. Liang De Hua – Mind & Body Internal arts International
5. Yap Boh Heong – 5 Ancestors Fist

Frequently asked concerns:
For how long is the camp?
The occasion is topped 13 days. Each teacher will be allocated 2 specialized days for training, meaning that there will certainly be ten days of intensive training in overall. The continuing to be days are allocated for group trips & tours, meditation training and also leisure time to delight in the pool and also hotel resort facilities.

What are the specific dates?
The specific dates of the camp are 9th January – 22nd January 2020.

Where will I be sleeping?
When making the appointment, please define if you would like a shared space (twin bed) or personal room (king-sized bed). Each space is totally provided with comfy beds and bed mattress including a private shower room with an electric shower and also commode, as well as an exclusive porch.

Can I bring my wife/partner?
If you would love to bring your companion with you, there is a choice to update to a personal deluxe room (king-sized bed.) Your partner can then take pleasure in every one of the centers at the hotel while you are training and also you would certainly both be able to participate in every one of the planned team excursions, outing, as well as tours.

Where will the extensive training occur?
All of the intensive fighting styles training and teaching will occur in the seminar space located at the resort.
What facilities does the hotel offer?
The hotel has a wide variety of centers consisting of an outdoor swimming pool with hill sights, fitness facility, tennis courts, health club as well as wellness center, high-speed WiFi, cafe as well as restaurant. I have booked out the entire hotel for the period of the camp (13 days). The only individuals remaining at the resort are those that are participating in the event, so we will not be disrupted or interrupt any type of various other visitors.

Where is the training camp held?
The hotel is situated around 25km outside of the center of Chiang Mai. If you were taking a trip from either the city or the flight terminal center of Chiang Mai, it would take 30 mins to get to the hotel.

I’m not interested in the reflection and various other activities, can I still attend?
No issue. All of the tours as well as getaways including the reflection training are optional, so it’s no worry if you desire not to participate. You are much more than welcome to participate in the camp and also not take part in meditation technique or various other tasks.

What’s consisted of?
This complete event package includes 13 nights stay at the hotel with buffet supper, morning meal and also lunch included. Ten days of extensive martial arts educating under the guideline of 5 world-class shows. Guided reflection exercise with a Buddhist monk at Wat Suan Dok holy place. Organized journeys and also adventures with the team. Full accessibility to make use of the leisure facilities at the resort that includes the pool and also sunbathing areas, on-site coffee shop/cafe, and high-speed wifi.

Restricted spaces available, Book now!

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