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MMA Fighter Breaks Down Kengan Ashura Anime Fight Scene | Scenic Fights

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BJJ Black Belt, Chad Vázquez, and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Teacher, Logan Lo, break down the Mixed Martial Arts techniques used in the Netflix martial arts anime Kengan Ashura (2019) in this episode of Scenic Fights Fight Scene Malfunction.

MMA boxer Chad Vázquez shows and responds to the martial arts technique made use of in the anime fighting styles battle scene in between Kanoh Agito and also Ōkubo Naoya from Season 2 Episode 8 of Netflix Kengan Ashura (2019 ).

Here are the time-codes of each mma method break down:

00:00 Intro
00:55 Kanoh Agito’s Muay Thai Clinch – Breakdown 1 of 8
03:11 Kanoh Agito’s Close Guard Defense – Breakdown 2 of 8
05:07 Kanoh Agito’s Kimura Lock – Breakdown 3 of 8
07:30 Ōkubo Naoya’s Kimura Lock Defense – Breakdown 4 of 8
08:47 Kanoh Agito’s Mount Escape While Being Punched – Breakdown 5 of 8
12:39 Ōkubo Naoya’s Feint as well as Fakes – Breakdown 6 of 8
14:54 Ōkubo Naoya’s Hip Throw – Breakdown 7 of 8
15:48 Last Reaction and also Ōkubo Naoya’s Double Leg – Breakdown 8 of 8
18:14 Fight Scene Grade and also Final Analysis
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Regarding Fight Scene Breakdown:

Beautiful Fights’ Fight Scene Breakdown is the very best fighting styles battle scene failure that not only gives you skilled evaluation on the action scene, however likewise aesthetically demonstrates the fighting styles combat choreography.

Presently, season 1 includes Pekiti Tirsia Kail Instructor Logan Lo black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) instructor, Chad Vázquez.

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Let us understand in the comments below, which anime fighting styles fight scene you would love to see us break down following!?

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Regarding Scenic Fights:

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Regarding the Netflix Anime:

Underground gladiator Tokita Ohma battles on part of business magnate Nogi Hideki, that wagers mega-business offers on the end results of the harsh suits.

Concerning the Manga:

Kengan Ashura (Japanese: ケンガンアシュラ) is a Japanese manga collection created by Yabako Sandrovich and also shown by Daromeon. It was serialized on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday site from April 2012 to August 2018, with its chapters compiled right into twenty-seven tankōbon quantities. A follow up, titled Kengan Omega, started in January 2019.

About Each Anime Fighter (resource Kengan Ashura wikia):.

Ohkubo Naoya (大おお久く保ぼ 直なお也や, Ōkubo Naoya; “Naoya Ohkubo”), also recognized as The King of Combat (格かく闘とう王おう, Kakutō-ō), along with self-proclaiming himself as The Rocky of Osaka (大おお阪さかのロッキー, Ōsaka no Rokkī) [6], is the Absolute Champion of the Ultimate Fight MMA promo. He stood for Muji TELEVISION as their associated fighter during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

Kanoh Agito (加か納のう アギト, Kanō Agito; “Agito Kanoh”) is the previous associate fighter for Dainippon Bank, for whom he fought as The Fifth Fang of Metsudo (五ご代だい目め滅めつ堂どうの牙きば, Godaime Metsudō no Kiba). He stood for the firm throughout the Kengan Annihilation Tournament; widely related to as the most effective boxer in the tournament as well as the favorite to win. While he was energetic, he was # 1 in the Kengan associated boxer ranks.

Enjoy Kengan Ashura on Netflix:

Sound developed and also blended by:.
Robert Acocella.

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