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Kick-boxing orangutan head home from Thailand

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Shut Down The Orangutan Kick Boxing Matches at Safari World

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According to news reports, a safari theme park in Thailand has become a macabre tourist attraction for its orangutan kick boxing matches complete with simian round card girls. The report continues, the heavyweights of the jungle duke it out, female orangutans parade around in bikinis displaying the round number.

Kick-Boxing Orangutans

This horrifying footage show cheering tourists drawn to the barbaric sport at a theme park in Thailand. While an orangutan pretends to be knocked out of the boxing ring, others, dressed in bikinis are trained to pick up litter from the stage at the end of the show. The apes kick-box each other as a spectacle for the tourists in shows that last more than 30 minutes, before being returned to their dark cages. Animal campaigners say the apes – weighing up to 250lbs – could do themselves serious damage in the boxing ring. They warn that it is hastening the end of the orang-utan – which experts say will be extinct in the wild in only few years.

Thailand once shut down Safari World monkey matches; it’s time they shut down the orangutan matches too.

Kick-boxing orangutan head home from Thailand

When you see these animals performing what are completely unnatural tricks…they’re not doing it because they want to, they’re doing it because they’re afraid not to

Safari World, on the outside of Bangkok, has been drawing huge crowds that cheer orangutans forced to wear boxing gloves and trained to trade punches and spin kicks.

As the heavyweights of the jungle duke it out, female orangutans parade around in bikinis displaying the round number.

After the 30-minute shows, the orangutans are returned to their dark, dingy charges, according to an investigative report.

Dressed in garish shorts and boxing gloves, orangutans trade punches and spin-kick each other in a boxing ring. The cruel sport takes place at a theme park called Safari World on the outskirts of Bangkok in Thailand. The same company was banned from doing exactly the same thing just six years ago.
We the undersigned now urge you to close down the barbaric orangutan kick boxing matches taking place today at Safari World.
Thank you for your co-operation

you have the power to create change.

Bewildered, afraid and with a deep distrust of humans, the orangutans cling to each other for comfort.

There is sadly no way to reassure them that their lives are about to take a dramatic turn for the better.

This animal is one of more than 100 forced to take part in degrading kick-boxing matches in a ring set up at a Thai amusement park.

But yesterday their freak-show existence was behind them after a rescue operation began to airlift them back to their home in the Indonesian rainforest.

Forty-eight of the abused apes, which had been seized in the wild and smuggled to Thailand, were taken from Bangkok’s Safari World theme park. Wildlife officials wearing ‘Welcome Home’ T-shirts held the timid creatures’ hands as they walked them to freedom.

The orang-utans were taken by road from Safari World to a rescue centre in Ratchaburi, 80 miles west of the Thai capital.

Kept in blue crates for safety, they are to be airlifted by military Hercules transport planes to Jakarta, where Indonesia’s first lady Ani Yudhoyono will greet them.

Safari World’s owners originally claimed the 115 orang-utans seized by wildlife police were the result of a domestic breeding programme. But DNA tests proved they had been brought illegally from Indonesia. As legal wrangles delayed their freedom many of their number died or disappeared from custody.

Indonesian officials said the apes would spend two months in quarantine before undergoing a two-year rehabilitation programme, then being released back into the jungle.

Fewer than 60,000 orang-utans are thought to be left in Borneo and Sumatra, and environmentalists say the species could become extinct in the wild within a decade if the current rate of decline continues.

Two weeks ago the Daily Mail told how at least 1,000 had died this year in the chaos caused by forest fires, most of which were deliberately started for land clearance.

An ‘Animal Olympics’ show at a Chinese zoo has been scrapped after it was highlighted in the Daily Mail. Publications around the world followed up the Mail’s report about shackled bears, cycling monkeys and boxing kangaroos at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park.

The zoo received so many complaints from animal lovers that it abandoned the event. Will Travers, from the British charity Born Free, said: “On the face of it, this is great news, and it is thanks to the courage of the media for exposing it.”

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