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Jeet Kun Do: The Martial Arts that made history!

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Through this realization emerged Bruce’s own style of martial art known as Jeet Kun Do or Jun Fan Jeet Kun Do (Bruce Lee’s given Chinese name was Jun Fan so this translates as Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do). He wanted to create a fighting technique that made allowances for the spontaneous characteristic of street fights that often consist of a variety of fighting styles. The primary principles that Jeet Kun Do focused around were practicality, flexibility, speed and efficiency. He often described his method of fighting as “the style with no style” referring to the fact that there was no formal or rigid approaches.

It is true that Bruce Lee taught his private students different things to suit their individual strengths and diminish their weaknesses, but the foundation of his approach, and the unique “flavor” he added, was the same and very distinct.

The goal was to transcend style and limitation, yet style, limitation, and transcendence are also fundamentally human and so they will always, to a greater or lesser degree, be a part of our experience.

Why so many with so little experience, argue against preserving and passing on the original Bruce Lee teachings is beyond me. Bruce Lee did not mean for his JKD to be the end all of martial arts training. It was ever changing and would certainly be different today, were he still alive. It is, none-the-less, a great system. It is a monumental starting point for self exploration in the martial arts. The idea is not maintain Bruce Lee’s “Way” because it cannot be improved upon, but rather so that future generations may benefit from the original, unadulterated body of knowledge and use it as a platform to find their own “Way”.

How does one learn the style of no style?

Some say it’s only a philosophy. Others say that it is the original mixed martial art and that the best techniques from so arts were combined to create a super style.

There is a lot of confusion about Bruce Lee’s art of Jeet Kune Do, the core of which stems from two basic and opposing ideas:

1. Jeet Kune Do is the body of knowledge that Bruce Lee taught to his original students, and is therefore static and unchanging.
2. Jeet Kune Do is a living, changing, and adapting martial art designed to evolve with the individual to what works best.

Both are true, hence the unceasing debate about what JKD is and isn’t.

The reality is that Bruce Lee did, in fact, name his style Jeet Kune Do. It is also certain that he died suddenly without naming a successor to carry on. Dan Inosanto was given permission to teach JKD to a small backyard group however he was, by no means authorized to change the art under the same name. When Bruce Lee died, his Martial Art stopped evolving.

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