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Is Street Fighting Measurable to Martial Arts?

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VIDEO: The results of a Street Fight vs. Martial Arts!

If you take some sort of  martial arts class for any period of time; that is worth anything; eventually you may learn half of the techniques in the book. Although I clearly state in the book that my attempt is not to teach specific techniques, but use techniques as a vehicle to drive home principles; and  I admit that there are countless numbers of techniques one can learn, not simply limited to my book. This guy  “Cliff” is the example of how many can not distinguish the difference between martial art and combative training.

If your attacker tries to grab you, take hold of one of his fingers and twist it. This is called small joint manipulation, and it is illegal to use it or any of the other techniques mentioned in this article in cage matches. Cuffing the ears is also very effective, as is stomping at a 45 degree angle onto your attacker’s knee, like trying to snap a stick that is leaning against a tree. If an attacker is in your face, use a vicious head butt to drive him back, then go for his vulnerable areas as discussed above.

I never said an MMA can’t be brutal and intense, but by the mere fact that there are rules, rules out the fact that it is a real street fight. In the street,  there are no rules.  In the street, anything goes.  As well, in a real street fight, there is no such thing as dirty fighter – only an educated one, that is, there are no illegal blows.

My take is that the best fight is the fight that you were able to avoid.  But life is not always so easily predictable or prettily packaged.

There are a lot of other really cool things your body does to get you ready for a fight, but when it comes to scientific street fighting the number one thing to think about is focusing on gross motor skills.

Any move or technique that will work well in a street fight should be simple and easy to learn. In fact it should not take you more than a few hours to become proficient in any self defense technique.

Look around you and see if there are any weapons that you can use or are there any probable escape routes that that you can use to circumvent the fight altogether.

If you’re not in a deserted area, make as much noise as practical (yell or scream for help). There is nothing to be embarrassed about to yell for help. There more folks there are, the more probable the aggressors would avoid making a scene and leave you alone. The extra attention makes them panic and makes them think carefully about whether or not it is worth it to attack you for whatever issues they have.

Although street fighting and match fighting are quite a bit different, each carries over to the other significantly. If a fighter is good on the ring, the skills and experience he or she learns there will help him or her in a street fight, and vice versa. However, a match fighter needs to be aware of the situation and hand and be ready for such moves that they do not need to worry about in the ring. This goes for street fighters who may fight dirty as well. If you are used to street fighting you need to be cautious not to use these illegal moves in the ring as they can cause you to forfeit the match.

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