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Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Kicking Drills

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In this video, Sifu Dan Lok and also Sigong Octavio Quintero reveal you Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do kicking drills. You’ll discover a selection of kicking drills and exercises concentrated on improving your speed, power, as well as adaptability. View it currently to see Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do kicking drills.

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With over 24 years of martial arts experience, Octavio Quintero is a qualified Jeet Kune Do Instructor as well as a Warrior Athlete Coach situated in Portland Oregon. He has shown up in countless training video clips, books, publications such as Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt as well as sustained the Bruce Lee Foundation with workshops as well as demonstrations in 2008-2009. (

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Among Dan Lok’s enthusiasms in life is fighting styles. Like many young youngsters, after enjoying a Bruce Lee flick, it altered his life permanently. At 17 years of ages, Dan started training in fighting styles seriously since he was being harassed in college. It had not been wish for Dan to find out the techniques he required, and obtain the confidence necessary to protect himself.

Dan has researched with fabulous martial musician such as Bruce Lee’s initial student Ted Wong ( and Joe Lewis “The Worlds Greatest Fighter” (, making him a 2nd generation pupil of Bruce Lee – in Bruce Lee’s authentic art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD). He’s also a third generation pupil of Ip Man (Wing Chun Kung Fu).

Dan has actually also educated with other wonderful teachers like Sifu Adam Chan (, Canadian lightweight boxing champion Tony “Fire Kid” Pep (, and also Octavio Quintero (

For Dan, fighting styles training penetrates every area of life. It’s not a pastime, it’s a way of life, and also it affects exactly how he operates.

Martial arts provided him the focus, perseverance, as well as self-confidence to press through these obstacles and also to keep battling when he seemed like quiting.

ESSENTIAL NOTE: Dan is NOT a permanent martial artist and he does not also declare to be that excellent of a competitor.

He’s simply an effective business owner who appreciates the art and viewpoint of Bruce Lee, much like you.

He doesn’t have any kind of online fighting style video clips, seminars or expensive “personal training” to market you. Quite truthfully, he does not need the money.

He merely desires to share his interest for the art of JKD (his very own variation of Jeet Kune Do) with his YouTube channel.

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This video has to do with Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Kicking Drills.

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