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12 Weird and unknown facts about Bruce Lee

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VIDEO: As much as funny and remarkably talented Bruce Lee was, there are a lot of things that we had no idea, until now. Watch video below..

We have also invested some energy searching the web (from legitimate sources) for some stuff you may not have known. Some time recently, some of it is fascinating, some dark and some out and out peculiar for you to believe.

So, let’s check out these facts about the legendary martial arts expert.

Bizarre Fact 1: Bruce Lee gave his voice the vast majority of the English voices in his movies! Correct, all the English talking fellows in the movie ‘Way of the Dragon’ and his other movies that released way before the movie, ‘Enter the Dragon’, voiced by Bruce himself. We’re not certain why, but it is rather a certainty is a reality!

Bizarre Fact 2: Bruce also shared German ancestry. Bruce’s Grandfather was a pure German and his mother was half German. This “non-unadulterated” Chinese status kept his acknowledgment into numerous schools back in the 1950’s and also somehow narrowed his decisions.

Bizarre Fact 3: Bruce had to remove a film shot from the movie Big Boss where he cut through with a handheld saw into a rival’ head. This is really weird; however in the event that you didn’t know this, you should simply backpedal and watch the movie The Big Boss battle in the ice industrial facility. In the movie you’ll see him assault the camera with a saw and skip past the subsequent blow. This scene was removed from the movie due to the fact that it was seen similar to verging on excessively savage for his audience in Hong Kong.

Bizarre Fact 4: Actually, Bruce was a frightful driver! Large portions of Bruce’s American companions said in meetings previously that he wasn’t a ‘skilled driver’ and would every so often ask his mate, Steve Golden to drive him around! This was mostly because of the next bizarre fact that you’re going to read.

Bizarre Fact 5: Bruce Lee had an awful visual sight. Bruce was, if not almost, partially blind. His terrible visual perception is one of the reasons he acknowledged Wing Chun’s contact style of development on the grounds that he could depend more on feel than the sight. This is the reason he couldn’t drive and was termed as less skillful.

Odd Fact 6: Because of his terrible visual perception, Bruce was one of the first few individuals to try to wear contacts. The lenses were exceptionally uncomfortable back in those days. Nonetheless, Bruce relied on his ‘coke container’ glasses. This leads us to one more strange fact.

Bizarre Fact 7: Bruce frequently wore his old ‘coke jug’ glasses, which were taped up, to help him to remember where he was originally from. He was a gentleman who wanted to stay to his roots and turned into the best form of himself. Lee even clutched on to his glasses and wore them consistently as a suggestion to as a reminder that he was, in his childhood, once poor and fought it during his.

Bizarre Fact 9: Bruce Lee was stealthily recorded and included in his closest friend’s action film. This film was ‘Fist of Unicorn’, in which Bruce Lee guaranteed his companion that he’d assist with choreography. In any case, the makers covertly recorded Bruce and had him in the film so that they could use his name and offer more tickets. Douches!

Bizarre Fact 10: Bruce Lee was a champion Cha Cha Cha Dancer in his place back in Hong Kong! You presumably realized that, and he was also a consistent winner. He won a Championship moving rivalry when he was in secondary school.

Bizarre Fact 11: Bruce would have liked to ‘one day’ fight against Muhammad Ali. He considered Muhammad Ali as one of the most prevalent warrior with his rate and detail. He was in habit of watching the footage of Ali continually to refine his style furthermore adjust his footwork and developments – for that unavoidable battle that would, sadly, never happen.

Bizarre Fact 12: Bruce Lee was very naughty and used to deceive to get private Wing Chun lessons. Bruce used to request one on one session to propel his Wing Chun – however he wouldn’t. So to get the one on one consideration he needed, he would hold up outside the class and tell individuals that the class was off that day. He would then take them to the transport stop. After this, he would then come back and be the single student where he got his personal session.


52 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Bruce Lee

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