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Awesome Brutal Street Fights!

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You have to be willing to train on weekends; you have to willing to train at night. You have to be willing to take the time necessary steps to implement the proper diet in order to sufficiently fuel your body in order to allow a strict training regimen. You have to take the time to prepare meals that are high in protein and contain enough carbohydrates to maintain a calorie count sufficient to support you training.

When focused on a healthy diet, I usually tell students to focus on making 70-80% of their meals healthy and then giving yourself 20-30% freedom to indulge. I believe you could use the same strategy for training in the outdoors. This is of course if you are not currently on an outdoor training program. Although it might be hard to spend 70% of your day outside, so for you hard-core boxers, you can flip the strategy and get 30% of your day, week, month or year – OUTSIDE. The quick-fix solution is to attend one of our camps if your year is full of boxes.

Most martial artists train indoors in a dojo (training hall) type of environment. I too have spent many years enjoying the benefits of a well-equipped martial arts box. Nevertheless, let’s think about the reality that we already have quite a few boxes taking control of our lives as it is:

Fact is, if you live a normal life, you migrate from one type of box to another. It is part of how we prefer to manage our level of comfort. When you go to Starbucks, you like the fact that this particular box, has what you are looking for. The same goes for going to the movie theater, the mall, a hotel or even a martial arts school. We are traveling from one empty box to another. What is in that box determines its value and level of importance in our now traditionally trained materialistic lives.

The important thing in the training of the martial arts is improving the ability to focus. After all if the practitioner can not concentrate they won’t be able to learn. In training, people should focus their eyes, focus their mind, and focus their body, which will greatly improve their focus and concentration.

Martial arts are a mental discipline with a physical approach. Part of the ongoing challenge is to have your mind and body work together and think while you are moving

There are almost as many kinds of martial arts as there are cultures in the world. The most famous are those created by the Asian peoples, such as Kung Fu, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do, but the Asians do not have a monopoly on the martial arts and every country has its own styles. Even with so many different martial arts in the world, each with its own unique philosophies, the benefits remain the same throughout. With an average training time of two hours, two or three times a week, the benefits to training in a martial art far outweigh the costs. Martial arts strives internally to train the mind to develop a clear conscience, enabling one to face the world honestly, while externally developing strength to the point where one may overcome ferocious wild animals.

As kids, we played a lot outside, but as we grew older, we are conditioned to spend more time inside or on a box. Everything from computer boxes to televisions. The typical life of an adult is simply transferring from one box to another; sleep in the bed box, take a shower in a box, drive to work in a box, sit in a box behind a box inside an even larger box, go to dinner in a box, go back to the big box home to sit on a box in front of the visual box. Rinse and repeat.

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